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Whether you’re an investor or first time home buyer wanting to purchase a short sale or REO property, Diamond Real Estate Group is here to help.


We provide efficient, streamlined and predictable real estate disposition solutions for clients in the default industry. We place responsible buyers in good, marketable homes, creating more sustainable homeownership and preserving neighborhood values while maximizing clients’ financial returns. Matthew Martinez is a Certified Distressed Property Exert, accredited Short Sale Foreclosure Resource & his team routinely handles management of REO properties and BPOs on a monthly basis.


With a highly flexible and scalable system for the management, marketing and successful sale of assets, Diamond Real Estate Group can easily adjust to market conditions and sellers’ requests.

Short Sale

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Homeowners can avoid the financial pain and stress of foreclosure. If you are currently behind on your mortgage and owe the bank more money than your home is worth, we can help you avoid a foreclosure that could remain
on your credit report for years!


We understand there are many reasons why homeowners may get in over their heads, and we are here to help you out in your specific situation.

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If you’re looking for an investment property. Our goal is to help investors make the best educated decision possible and have realistic expectations when purchasing. We are here to assist in finding the properties that help reach our client’s investment goals. If you’re looking for an investment opportunity please contact us below with your areas of interest and property specifications.