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Mendocino County 

Nestled along the rugged coastline of Northern California, Mendocino County stands as a hidden gem in the world of wine. With its diverse microclimates, breathtaking landscapes, and a rich winemaking heritage, this region has garnered a well-deserved reputation for producing exceptional wines. Mendocino County boasts a collection of captivating wine appellations, each with its own unique charm and distinct viticultural character.

From the cool coastal influences of Anderson Valley to the sun-kissed slopes of Yorkville Highlands, Mendocino County offers an extraordinary tapestry of terroirs and microclimates. These appellations provide a fertile ground for a wide range of grape varieties, from the delicate Pinot Noir and aromatic Chardonnay to the robust Cabernet Sauvignon and bold Zinfandel.

Immerse yourself in the rolling vineyards, where passionate winemakers and grape growers work in harmony with nature to produce wines that reflect the true essence of Mendocino County. From small, family-owned wineries to renowned estates, the winemaking community in this region is dedicated to sustainable practices and expressing the unique terroir of each appellation.

As you traverse the winding roads and explore the charming wineries of Mendocino County, you'll discover wines that captivate the senses and tell a story of a land shaped by the Pacific Ocean, ancient mountains, and a spirit of innovation. Whether you're a wine connoisseur seeking rare and exceptional finds or an adventurous traveler in search of off-the-beaten-path experiences, Mendocino County's wine appellations offer a world of flavors and discoveries waiting to be uncorked.


Anderson Valley Nestled within Mendocino County, Anderson Valley has firmly established itself as one of North America's premier regions for Pinot Noir. While the production may not be massive, the quality soars to new heights as a blend of rising-star winemakers and local stalwarts craft sleek and powerful Pinot Noir wines. This enchanting valley captivates with its scenic beauty and cool climate, providing the ideal conditions for growing this noble grape variety. Discover the magic of Anderson Valley as you savor the captivating expressions of its world-class Pinot Noir.

Cole Ranch AVA In the realm of wine appellations, Cole Ranch AVA holds a remarkable distinction—it is the smallest appellation in North America. Nestled within the rolling hills of Mendocino County, this intimate and exclusive AVA is a true hidden gem. Despite its small size, Cole Ranch is renowned for producing wines of exceptional character and finesse. As you delve into the wines crafted from this distinctive terroir, you'll experience the essence of an appellation that offers a rare and captivating expression of its microclimate and soil.

Covelo AVA Tucked away approximately 45 miles north of Ukiah, Covelo AVA encompasses the picturesque Round Valley, Williams Valley, and the surrounding foothills. This serene appellation boasts a unique combination of soils, characterized by rocky terrain and steep slopes. The climate in Covelo AVA is a harmonious blend of maritime influences and continental characteristics. As you explore the wines from this enchanting region, you'll encounter a captivating interplay of terroir and winemaking artistry.

Dos Rios AVA Among the diverse appellations of Mendocino County lies the rugged and alluring Dos Rios AVA. Situated amidst rocky soils and steep slopes, this appellation offers a truly distinctive viticultural environment. The climate here is an intriguing blend of maritime and continental influences, contributing to the creation of exceptional wines.

As you indulge in the offerings from Dos Rios, you'll experience the essence of a unique terroir that yields wines of remarkable character and complexity.


Eagle Peak AVA Eagle Peak Mendocino County derives its name from the nearby summit that graces the region's landscape. This mountainous AVA, nestled within California's Coastal Range just west of Redwood Valley, captures the essence of rugged beauty. Here, vineyards flourish on the slopes, benefiting from the unique combination of elevation and climate.

As you savor the wines produced in this captivating appellation, you'll be transported to the untamed majesty of Eagle Peak, where exceptional wines are crafted with passion and precision.


McDowell Valley AVA Perched atop high-sloping bench land, McDowell Valley AVA boasts an elevation that reaches up to 1,000 feet above sea level. This appellation, recognized with its appellation status in 1987, reveals a captivating terroir that nurtures exceptional vineyards. The wines of McDowell Valley embody the character of this elevated land, showcasing the depth, complexity, and elegance that define the wines of Mendocino County.

Mendocino County AVA As part of the expansive North Coast AVA, Mendocino County AVA stands as a testament to the region's viticultural prowess. This vast appellation stretches northward from San Francisco Bay, encompassing a diverse range of microclimates and terroirs.

Within the boundaries of Mendocino County AVA lie several smaller AVAs, including Anderson Valley, Cole Ranch, McDowell Valley, Potter Valley, Redwood Valley, and Yorkville Highlands. Here, a vibrant tapestry of vineyards and wineries come together to produce wines that capture the essence of this captivating wine region.


Mendocino Ridge AVA Renowned for its uniqueness, Mendocino Ridge AVA is the only non-contiguous AVA in America. Embracing elevations of 1,200 feet and higher, this appellation showcases the captivating influence of altitude on winemaking. Only vineyards at these elevated heights are included within the boundaries of Mendocino Ridge AVA. Explore the wines crafted from this high-altitude terroir and experience the distinct expression that emerges from this captivating region.

North Coast AVA Encompassing the grape-growing regions of six counties located north of San Francisco, the North Coast AVA is a wine lover's paradise. This expansive American Viticultural Area spans a diverse range of microclimates and terroirs, offering an extraordinary array of grape varieties and wine styles. From the rugged coastal beauty to the inland valleys, the North Coast AVA captivates with its scenic landscapes and exceptional wines.

Immerse yourself in the allure of this renowned wine region and discover the diverse expressions of terroir that define the wines of the North Coast.


Potter Valley AVA Located east of Mendocino's Redwood Valley, Potter Valley AVA sits proudly, perched more than 200 feet higher than its surrounding areas. This upland appellation boasts a unique terroir defined by its elevated position and distinct microclimate. The vineyards of Potter Valley thrive in this exceptional environment, benefiting from the cool breezes and ample sunshine that grace the region. The rocky soils, coupled with the higher elevation, lend a special character to the wines produced here. As you delve into the offerings from Potter Valley AVA, you'll discover wines that beautifully showcase the unique expression of this captivating terroir.

Redwood Valley AVA Nestled within an upland valley, Redwood Valley AVA possesses a climate that sets it apart from its neighboring appellations. A gap in the coastal ridge allows cool Pacific air currents to penetrate the valley, creating a cooler microclimate. This unique weather pattern, combined with the diverse soils of the region, contributes to the creation of wines with exceptional balance and complexity. Delight in the elegant and nuanced wines that emerge from Redwood Valley AVA, a testament to the terroir's influence on grape-growing and winemaking.

Talmage Region The Talmage region, situated on the eastern edge of the Ukiah Valley, has a rich agricultural history that extends back generations. The vineyards in this area coexist harmoniously with pasturelands, pear orchards, and expansive oak forests. This picturesque region, with its hillside benches and fertile flatlands, provides an idyllic setting for grape cultivation. As you explore the wines of the Talmage region, you'll discover the remarkable interplay between the terroir, the diverse agricultural landscape, and the winemakers' passion for crafting exceptional wines.

Ukiah Valley The Ukiah Valley region, graced with numerous small vineyards, holds a deep-rooted history in grape growing. Many of these vineyards are quaint, intimate plots, with some spanning only five acres or less. This region boasts a rich viticultural heritage and a profound connection to the land. As you journey through the wines of Ukiah Valley, you'll uncover the remarkable stories and flavors that have evolved from this deep grape-growing tradition. Immerse yourself in the charm and character of this vibrant wine region, where the passion for winemaking runs deep.

Yorkville Highlands Among the appellations of Mendocino County, Yorkville Highlands stands out for its distinct soils and unique terroir. The rocky soils, characterized by a high-gravel content, differ from the loamy clay soils found in neighboring appellations. These rugged conditions contribute to the development of wines with exceptional structure, concentration, and complexity. The vineyards of Yorkville Highlands bask in abundant sunshine and cool coastal influences, further enhancing the character of the wines. Indulge in the captivating wines that emerge from this enchanting appellation, as they capture the essence of a terroir shaped by nature's artistry.

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