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Complimentary Service

For Buyers

Diamond Real Estate Group is committed to providing exceptional service to its clients. We invest time, energy, and money in all our clients. Buyers working with our team have a tremendous advantage over other buyers because they are put in the hands of a dedicated and professional Buyer Specialist whose sole mission and focus in life is to find you the right home.

Our Buyer Specialists dig much deeper than other agents and find you the right home, regardless of if it is currently on the market or not, by creating inventory through targeted efforts when necessary.

Below are the complimentary services Diamond Real Estate Group offers to each of our buyers.


For Buyers

Finding the right property, paying the right price, and closing escrow on the property of your choice are the most important elements to a successful real estate transaction. Our buyer consultants have enhanced market knowledge within their specialized cities and neighborhoods. Our agents are required to regularly monitor and tour the areas in which they specialize. We believe that localized knowledge is paramount to a successful transaction.

As a client, we will match you to one or more of our buyer consultants who are specialists in your city, or cities, of interest. Moreover, our agents work together to find the best house for you because they are motivated by your satisfaction, not by their commission

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Signing a Contract

Detailed Negotiation 

& Deal Structuring Advice

The homebuying process is not simple. There are many intricacies involved and only the best agents can understand the complexities and use them to their clients’ advantage. At Diamond Real Estate Group, our knowledge and expertise give us the ability to weave through the homebuying process and negotiate the best purchase price for our clients.

To ensure that our clients receive the best service, our team leader, who has undergone formal training in the art and science of negotiation, reviews all offers prior to being submitted. As a certified negotiation expert, Matthew’s education provides him with the necessary analytical skills perfect for negotiating and deal-structuring.

As a client, our buyer agents will work with you to understand your specific circumstances, needs, and financial situation. Prior to making an offer on a chosen property, we will have a detailed negotiation and deal-structuring discussion with you. In our experience, being prepared, anticipating the seller’s actions, and having a negotiation plan prior to submitting an offer often put our clients at a great advantage, particularly in multiple-offer situations.

Persuasive Offer


Listing agents and sellers consider many factors when reviewing offers. Certainly, the offered price and terms are important, but other intangible factors weigh in the analysis as well. For example, the professionalism and reputation of the buyer agent and the organization of the offer tend to indicate the likelihood of a smooth transaction. Diamond Real Estate Group agents pride themselves on putting forth persuasive and powerful offers. From personal delivery to the material presented, everything is top quality.


Concierge Service & Resource Database

Our Concierge Service helps connect our clients to the best service providers to assist them from the beginning of the home buying process, to all maintenance and improvement needs after the close of escrow


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Lead Capture

Matthew continues to be an exceptional professional in his field. My husband and I were very impressed with his diligence and devotion to us as our real estate agent in the selection and buying of our home. We were so delighted with the whole Diamond Real Estate Group team that we are using their services again as we search for additional property to develop. We highly recommend them to our friends and family without any hesitation.

Michael and Kimberly B.

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